Don’t discriminate

I watched The Bucket List – co-starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson – this weekend, and the film was awesome!  The movie shows how two men cope with terminal cancer.  Initially, Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson), a corporate billionaire, has a very biased attitude; he doesn’t think he can learn anything from Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman), a mechanic.  Throughout the movie, however, Cole lets his guard down, and he learns to enjoy life from Chambers’ bucket list idea.  Chambers had such an impact on Cole, than Cole later said he saved his life.

Peter had an attitude similar to Edward Cole prior to the scene captured above.  Peter had a preconceived – and unjustified – notion that GOD only blessed the Jews.  But GOD, in HIS infinite wisdom, wouldn’t let Peter embrace a dangerous attitude.  So HE sent Peter to Cornelius’ house, a Gentile household, to preach the Gospel.  And when he did, Cornelius and his family embraced Christ and received the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes we are guilty of discriminatory attitudes; we limit when, where, from and with whom GOD can bless or use us.  This recharge is a reminder that GOD doesn’t show partiality (see Acts 10:34), and neither should we.  Let GOD use you whenever, and wherever, HE needs you!

Be blessed …