Be confident

If you haven’t seen Transformers, then I strongly recommend the purchase (or rental)!  One scene shows the crippling effects of fear: the scene where Glen Whitmann (Anthony Anderson) is in the interrogation room.  Before the detective enters the room, Whitmann is the picture of confidence.  He’s cool, calm, and collected; he even vows to be silent when questioned.  But when the detective enters the room, it’s a different story; Whitman spills the beans and blames Maggie Madsen (Rachel Taylor) for everything that happened.

Fear has a way of unraveling our confidence, and Obadiah is a witness.  In this text, Obadiah – formerly a confident man of GOD – loses his cool when Elijah requests a meeting with King Ahab (who hated and sought Elijah).  Obadiah believed Elijah would escape as he had before, and this would anger King Ahab to the point of killing him.  Fearing his fate, Obadiah recited his resume of righteousness to dissuade Elijah’s ambitions.  Obadiah forgot that the GOD who protected him earlier in his life was powerful enough to do it again.

When GOD selects us for a task, we have every reason to be confident.  Think about it: when was the last time GOD lied?  So if HE gives you an assignment, trust that HE’LL help you complete it.

Let faith answer when fear knocks …