Don’t make HIM angry

As I read the key verse for today’s recharge, a scene from Akeelah and the Bee came to mind.  Akeelah had developed a passion for spelling, and she’d travel great distances to perfect her skills.  A trip to her friend Javier’s school, however, landed her mother’s disapproval.  Her mom was so mad that she sent Akeelah straight to her room when she got home.  After I watched that scene, I knew I didn’t want to make Akeelah’s mom angry. 🙂

Today’s text reminded me that I also don’t want to make GOD angry.  Sometimes we’re so intoxicated by GOD’S grace and mercy that we forget about HIS wrath.  This verse reminds us that GOD’S wrath is real; it’s something we should avoid at all costs.  Because of their bold and repeated disobedience (read 2 Kings 17:1-17), the Israelites lost GOD’S presence.  It’s dangerous to be without GOD; a songwriter said it best, “Without GOD, I could do nothing … I’d be like a ship without a sail.”

This recharge is a simple reminder – don’t make GOD angry.  A sure way to avoid HIS wrath is to embrace HIS commandments and purpose for your life.

Be blessed …