Read the WORD

TIP 5: Read the WORD

My friend Lloyd has been a such a blessing and inspiration the past couple of weeks.  He recently resolved to read the Bible, cover to cover, and his enthusiasm is contagious.  Each day we talk, he shares new insight from his readings.  Hearing him talk about Abraham, Joseph, and Moses tempts me to abandon my personal studies to review their stories.  Truly, the WORD of GOD is exciting!

King Josiah, the keynote speaker in today’s recharge, discovered another property of GOD’S WORD: it’s enlightening.  Prior to this text, the people in Judah were in a season of rebellion – they had abandoned GOD to worship idols and pursue their own interests.  But things changed once King Josiah heard GOD’S WORD.  The words were so convicting that King Josiah initiated a national, spiritual reform.  This text shows us that reading GOD’S WORD will help us do right in a “do wrong” world.

The WORD is our road map to heaven; it’s our guide through darkness.  No wonder David called it “a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105, New Living Translation).  Read and obey the WORD, and you’ll have integrity in an immoral society.

Read the WORD, daily …