HE never stopped … Saving

A scene from Superman Returns came to mind as I received today’s recharge.  I’m referring to the scene where the brakes malfunction on one of Lex Luther’s (Superman’s enemy) associate’s car.  The lady weaves uncontrollably through traffic, endangering everything in her path.  At the climax of the scene, the lady drives onto a plaza, and death seems certain for the crowd.  Just before the catastrophe commenced, however, Superman lifts the car above the crowd and places it safely on a nearby street.

Just as Superman saved the day, so did JESUS in today’s text.  Peter, the co-star of this excerpt, decided to put his faith in action.  Although the sea was turbulent and his close associates were scared, Peter stepped out of the boat to walk toward JESUS.  He lost focus as he approached JESUS, and he began sinking.  When death seemed certain, Peter asked JESUS to help.  And like the SAVIOR HE is, JESUS reached out and grabbed Peter.  What an awesome GOD we serve!

The same power that rescued Peter is available to us today.  No matter how troubled the sea of life is, JESUS can save us.  No wonder the prophet Joel said, “But everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved” (Joel 2:32, New Living Translation).

JESUS still saves.  Have you tried HIM?