HE has your best interest in mind

Some situations can make you question if GOD really cares about you.  For instance, how could an omnipotent GOD allow hurricanes Hannah and Ike?  Wasn’t Katrina enough?  How could a GOD who cares about children let them die from senseless acts of violence?  How could a GOD that compels us to pray be silent when we’ve emptied our hearts to HIM?

At these critical junctions in life, we must mute the devil’s voice, for he’ll convince us that GOD is seeking our demise.  That’s where Jeremiah’s words come in handy.  The audience for the verse cited above had lost faith in GOD; they thought HE had forgotten about them and was content to let them die unredeemed.  But Jeremiah reminds us that GOD always has good intentions for us.  Everything HE does or allows brings us closer to an expected end – a bright and hopeful future, full of good!

I’m not aware of the circumstances you face, but if you’re still alive, then GOD has a plan for you.  Be patient and remember that HE has your best interest in mind.  Live today with your bright and hopeful future in mind!

Be blessed …