Yield to CHRIST

If you yield to CHRIST – that is, submit completely to HIS will for your life – then you’ll reap tremendous benefits.  A song my cousin sang makes this especially clear.  In a song entitled “Surrender,” he said, “If you surrender to CHRIST, HE’LL make a difference in your life.”  Later in the song, he said, “HE will turn your night to day; when you’re in trouble, HE’LL make a way.”  With benefits like these, it makes good sense to yield to CHRIST.

Apart from eternal life, I think the verse cited above gives the most compelling reason to yield to CHRIST.  Most people enjoy reading this verse because of the conclusion Paul offers: GOD causes everything to work for the good.  As I read closely, however, I discovered that this was not an all-inclusive statement; it wasn’t intended for any- and everybody.  Paul limits this conclusion to an exclusive group – those who love GOD and embrace HIS purpose for their lives.  In other words, people who yield to CHRIST are assured to prosper in every situation!

In a sense, Paul confirmed the words of an old song: “The safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of GOD.”  If you’re running, it’s time to yield and enjoy perpetual prosperity.

Be blessed …