Don’t hate, celebrate!

I’m not sure if you watch football, but the friction between Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb is well documented.  When Owens joined the Eagles in 2004, the fans, media, and team had great expectations.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as anticipated.  Instead of cooperating, McNabb and Owens spent more time competing for the spotlight.  When McNabb played extraordinary, Owens would criticize him; if Owens excelled, then McNabb would find fault.  They were so greedy for the limelight, that they’d do anything to keep the other out of it.

We might turn our noses up at this behavior, but believe it or not, it happens more often that we admit.  Sometimes, we’re like crabs in a barrel: we pull each other down to get to the top.  But Paul said, “Don’t ‘hate’ when others are happy.”  If they have a reason to be happy, then be their cheerleader.  Why?  If you can celebrate someone’s happiness, then it shows you’ve overcome the “Cain spirit” (jealousy) by letting GOD renew your mind.

In a “dog eat dog” world, let’s avoid the temptation to ‘hate’ on others’ success.  Instead, let’s be happy with those who are happy, for it will come back to us (see Galatians 6:7).