GOD protects us!

This past weekend, I attended a beautiful and humbling event.  It was a ceremony celebrating veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.  It was beautiful to see so many people who had enlisted, served, and survived American military history.  It was also humbling to know that these people risked their lives to preserve mine.  They thought enough of this country to protect the freedom we enjoy.

I’m even more elated that GOD loves me enough to protect me from my spiritual adversaries.  When Satan and his tyrannical troops march toward me, GOD is faithful and keeps HIS hands on me!  Apparently, the author of this Psalm felt the same way.  As he reflected on his triumph, he couldn’t help giving GOD the credit.  He went through fire and flood and finished prosperous because GOD protected HIM!

I’m glad GOD continues to protect us today.  HE keeps us from seen and unseen dangers; HE gives us abundant life.  Thank GOD for the safety and serenity we enjoy because of HIS grace.

Be blessed …