CHRIST secured our freedom!

Today is Veterans’ Day, a day Americans pause to celebrate our military veterans.  As I watched the news this morning, I noticed that several Veterans’ Day events have been planned.  The underlying theme of each event is an appreciation for our freedom.  Veterans, civilians, and businesses alike are thankful for those who risked their lives to secure our freedom.

As we salute our veterans today, let’s remember to thank JESUS, too.  In the text cited above, JESUS reminds us that HE’S the source of our existential and eternal freedom.  Prior to CHRIST, we were enslaved in sin.  Satan was our master, and we willfully embraced his suggestions.  Thankfully, however, JESUS posted our bail!  HE died and rose to secure our freedom from the power of sin.

As you revere the veterans who have defended the land of freedom, don’t forget to give JESUS a shout out.  Had it not been for CHRIST, you’d be on the way to a fiery, eternal prison.  Thank GOD for the freedom we enjoy because of CHRIST!

God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him (John 3:17, New Living Translation).