GOD is good!

Yesterday I had a conversation about GOD with one of my employees, and we both agreed that HE is good.  If you think about it, I’m sure you will agree, too.  Each morning, HE awakens the billions of occupants on planet Earth.  HE’S omnipresent, everywhere at the same time, and can answer prayers in California, China, and Chile simultaneously.  HE’S so good that the English language lacks adequate verbiage to describe HIM completely!

But where the English language is lacking, the author of Psalm 107 abounds.  Throughout this Psalm, he reminds us that GOD is good.  If you read the entire Psalm, you’ll notice that GOD is merciful, HE’S a redeemer, and HE’S a provider.  HE’S also a savior, deliverer, and protector.  No wonder the author encouraged us to “give thanks to the LORD …”

Even when life isn’t so pleasant, GOD still is; “His faithful love endures forever.”  HE gives us strength to outlast things that overwhelm other people.  GOD is good!  Make sure HE knows you think so.

Be blessed …