Check your resolutions

Most people begin the New Year with resolutions.  Have you made yours?  What are they?  Maybe you’ve resolved to lose weight, exercise daily, further your education, or expand your business.  Maybe you’ve vowed to create and adhere to a budget, use your time wisely, or appreciate the small things in life.

If you have access to your resolutions, then note where pleasing GOD falls on your list.  We usually list our resolutions by their importance, so it’s a problem if pleasing GOD didn’t top your list.  It’s no coincidence that the first commandment listed in Exodus 20 is “you must not have any other god but ME.”  In a subtle, but serious way, GOD proclaimed HIS desire to be our first and only priority.

Certainly GOD deserves to be first in our lives, for “HE made us, and we are HIS” (Psalm 100:3, New Living Translation).  Keep GOD first this year.  It’s a resolution you’ll never regret!

GOD bless …