Check your plans

Many of us overcome our organizational deficiencies by creating “to-do” lists – a list of tasks to accomplish before nightfall.  Some of our plans might include returning a call from the previous day, scheduling a routine maintenance service on our vehicle, or purchasing an ingredient for a special dinner entree’.  But where does GOD fit into your “to-do” list?  We can be so devoted to our daily plans that we miss opportunities to serve HIM.

That’s what happened to JESUS’ disciples in Samaria, the setting for today’s recharge.  They had a short “to-do” list – buy food in the city – but it was completely consuming.  They were so hooked on their plans that they tried to remove JESUS from a ministry opportunity!  But JESUS reminded them of the most important daily task – fulfilling GOD’S will.  HE told them, “My nourishment comes from doing the will of GOD, WHO sent me, and from finishing HIS work” (John 4:34, New Living Translation).

So as you begin each day, check your plans.  Make sure you leave some room for GOD; HE may need you!