Sever ties with sinners

The Bible notes that “sin pays off with death” (Romans 6:23, New Living Translation).  That is, the reward given for blatant disobedience to GOD is death.  This death will not be peaceful, for the cemetery will be an eternal, fiery pit.  And, you’ll be miserable if you go there, for this fire will cause weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 8:12, New Living Translation).  Therefore, it’s wise to avoid sin and anyone who embraces that lifestyle.

No wonder the author of Psalm 1 advised us not to stand in the way of sinners.  That is, don’t follow sinners or find comfort in their practices.  Sadly, many people have opted against this advice.  The temporary, yet fleeing, satisfaction of sin lures them out of GOD’S will.  They don’t realize that you quickly resemble the company you keep.  Worse, they forget the paycheck for sin – death!

The path of sinners may look appetizing now, but it will be agonizing later.  If you’ve welcomed sinful acquaintances, then it’s time to sever the ties.  Hell is too hot, and heaven is too much to miss!