Don’t starve!

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.  People employ various means to shed a few pounds: exercising more frequently, acupuncture, gastric bypass surgery, and even starvation diets.  That’s right – some people refrain from eating to lose weight.  Starving may seem like a grand idea, but it’s often more harmful than helpful.  Some of the side effects include slower metabolism, less energy, and an increased desire for food!  Worse, prolonged starvation will ultimately lead to death.

If starving is dangerous for our bodies, then imagine how disastrous it can be for our spirits.  Our spirits starve when we don’t read the Word, and the results can be devastating.  Have you noticed that your days don’t go as smoothly when you don’t read the Word?  Ever noticed that it’s easy to have a bad attitude, say what’s really on your mind, pursue your secret passions, and act hateful when you haven’t read the Word?  Maybe that’s why God encouraged Joshua to study the Word daily.  God knew that we act more like Him when our spirits aren’t starving.

This recharge is a friendly reminder – don’t starve!  Start each day with some heavenly bread.  The Word will become your spiritual Folgers: it will be the best part of waking up!