Just admit it.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re living in an era when positive thoughts abound.  For example, people will tell you they’re having a great day, even though they may be living through hell.  Somehow, we’ve embraced the notion that admitting our problems is a sign of weakness or a lack of faith.  Contrary to popular opinion, however, there are times when admitting our problems is a good idea.  A person who has a watermelon-sized tumor can deny that it exists, but he or she would be wise to let a physician know about the discovery.

I’ve read the verses cited above numerous times, but recently, I saw them in a new light.  God selected Moses as the transcriber of the creation events, and He could have relayed a picture-perfect story.  He could have began the story with the exhibitions of His power, but, for some reason, He didn’t.  In fact, He made sure that Moses inserted one detail before describing the amazing creative events: “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters”  (i.e,  the earth was inhabitable and in desperate need of the Lord’s touch)  If God, the incomparable and supreme being, can admit that the world wasn’t pristine initially, then surely, we can confess our problems.

The first step in marching through the madness is to admit that there’s madness in your life.  To admit you have issues doesn’t mean you’re defeated or weak; rather, your confession authorizes God to stop hovering over, and start intervening in, your situation.  Admit where you are, so God can help you get where you’re going.