See the potential!

If life had a reset button, would you press it?  Are you enduring a trial so overwhelming that you want to move to another planet and start over?  If so, I feel your pain.  But, what if your desires lie outside of God’s will?  What if your plight is exactly where God wants you to be?  What if God has you in the holding cell of hurt, just to show you that He can perform miracles in your mess?

The wonderful thing about God is that no situation is beyond His power.  You can look at the creation story and realize that nothing is too hard for God.  Notice that God didn’t destroy and rebuild earth; rather, He started with the mess He had.  He created light, the sun and moon, stars, land, animals, and people from the same earth that was formless and empty.  If God can do that, then what is a dead end job, debt, a foreclosed home, or a rocky relationship to Him?  Absolutely nothing!

This recharge is a reminder that God isn’t just the God of new beginnings; He’s also the God of renovations!  Your situation is just the stage for His next performance.  So, see the potential for God to work in your problems, and wait patiently until He does.

Is anything too hard for the Lord? (Genesis 18:14, New Living Translation)