He’s after you!

I watch the Animal Planet channel periodically, and I’m always fascinated by lions.  I’m particularly intrigued by their feeding patterns.  Lions are not scavengers; that is, they normally avoid “road kill.”  Instead, lions are hunters.  They attack animals that are alive and well.

It’s no coincidence that Peter compares Satan to a lion, for he doesn’t attack just anyone, either.  Peter said Satan is looking for someone to devour, and he can’t devour anything that’s already dead.  That’s why he’s after you – you’re alive and well, spiritually.  That means you, or something you do, is effective and infectious.  Your light shines so brightly that it terrifies Satan and threatens his success.  He wants to destroy you before you put another dent in his armor!

This recharge is just a simple explanation for those who feel like the walls of wickedness are collapsing around you.  Satan is after you because you’re making a difference.  So, don’t give up now; rather, take Peter’s advice and stand firm against him!  You can’t stay down because you’re penetrating the forces of evil!

… Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7, New Living Translation).