Stick to the plan!

A commercial for the 50 Million Pound Challenge inspired this email.  A woman who signed up for the challenge went to the cafeteria on her lunch break, and apparently, she had a craving for something sweet.  Instead of choosing an apple or another healthy alternative, the woman bolts for the ice cream dispenser and makes the largest sundae ever.  The sundae looked like a wedding cake in her bowl!  As she attempted to exit the cafeteria, Dr. Ian Smith, the spokesperson for the 50 Million Pound Challenge, shows up, unexpectedly, with his arms folded and frowning.  Immediately, the woman dropped the sundae and chose a healthier snack.  As the commercial suggests, “Stick to the plan, and there won’t be any problems.”

Sometimes, you can get so anxious to get through a tough situation that you abandon the logical escape route.  Impatience and irrational thinking can be disastrous, especially if you abandon a plan that God provided.  Prior to the verses cited above, God gave the Israelites a plan: destroy Jericho, but don’t take anything, because it all belongs to Me.  Achan didn’t follow the plan, and his disobedience angered God.  In their next battle at Ai, the Israelites lost 36 soldiers, after being undefeated, without casualties, in the previous battles.  Worse, because of his disobedience, the Israelites stoned Achan to death.  Again, if you stick to the plan, then there won’t be any problems!

This recharge is just encouragement to those who may be on the verge of abandoning God’s plan.  God’s plans never fail, so even if it takes a while to get the victory, stick to the plan!  If you keep your hand in God’s hand, then He will bring you out.