Seize new opportunities!

As I drove to work one day, a billboard caught my attention.  It said, “And on the 10,000 try, there was light.”  This billboard was a promotion for perseverance – pressing on in spite of the obstacles.  Thomas Edison, the “star” of the billboard, didn’t let failure stifle his determination.  Instead, he seized 9,999 new opportunities to invent light.

Joshua and the Israelites also seized a new opportunity.  Although they had angered the Lord in Ai (Tuesday’s recharge), He gave them another chance.  He told Joshua, “Don’t dwell on what happened in Ai, for I’m giving you another chance.”  And, the Israelites seized the moment.  They didn’t win by a split decision; they delivered a KO.  They destroyed all the people of Ai and burned their city to the ground.

You may veer off track from time to time, but when given the opportunity, get back on track.  Failure is not what stops us; our response to failure does.  Each new opportunity is your chance to get it right, so make sure you seize the moment!

God bless …