Case Studies: Points from Peter. Try It Again …

Have you ever felt like quitting?  Have you been so frustrated with a task that giving up was your only solution?  If so, If can relate.  I remember preparing to cut the grass one day, and the lawnmower just wouldn’t cooperate.  I kept pulling the string, but it wouldn’t start.  The more I pulled it, with no success, the less motivated I was to pull it again.

Imagine how Peter felt when Jesus told him to launch out into the deep to catch some fish.  He had failed all night long.  Every time he dropped the net, he caught water.  But something about Jesus’ words gave him a fresh outlook, a new determination.  He trusted Jesus’ words, and, by faith, dropped the net again.  And this time, he wasn’t disappointed.  He caught so many fish that the net broke, and they needed two boats to carry the fish back to shore!

There’s something about the Word of God that makes the impossible absolutely possible.  By the way, when I was about to put the lawnmower back in the storage, God said, “Try it again.”  I did, and it started.  He’s given me the same message for you – TRY IT AGAIN.  Don’t let disappointing results deter you.  Stay where you are, and give it all you have one more time.  God will move on your behalf this time!