Case Studies: Points from Paul. Stop Fighting It …

Have you ever watched one of the law enforcement reality shows like Cops or America’s Dumbest Criminals?  I’m always amazed by how far the suspects will go to avoid arrest.  They’ll run, initiate high-speed chases, fight, kick, scratch, or whatever it takes to remain free.  Interestingly, they never escape.  They waste energy and incur injuries, only to end up in handcuffs.  If they would just give up, they could avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Ironically, we often treat God the same way.  When He calls us to a new level of service or devotion, we resist arrest.  We develop excuses or adopt the lifestyle that is the polar opposite of where He’s trying to lead us.  But, like Jesus told Paul, “It’s hard to kick against the pricks.”  We can’t outrun God; He’s omniscient.  We can’t hide; He’s omnipresent.  The best decision is to give in, sooner than later.

I’m not sure what God has called you to do, but I encourage you to stop fighting it.  You only make things worse when you resist Him.  Stop making excuses and justifying disobedience.  Put your hand in His, and let Him lead the way!