God is Sovereign …

Elijah fell to the lowest depth of despair, vacationing in a cave to escape the disaster he just encountered.  While in the cave, wrestling with fear and pity, he witnessed some marvelous things.  He saw a whirlwind dismount rocks and send them cascading down the mountain where he hid.  He saw an earthquake abase trees and shrubs that once stood as objects of admiration.  He saw a fire scorch the vegetation that once gave shelter and nourishment to animals.  But most impressive of all, he heard God, who controlled it all, say, “Go back to Damascus.  Your work is not finished.”  Elijah received yet another reminder of our sovereign God, the one whose voice brings peace and clarity to the wildest situations.

Just imagine how comforting this experience was.  First, God knew where he was.  Life can’t drop us in a pit where God can’t find us.  Second, He let Elijah vent.  God does not ignore or mute our requests; He lets us empty our hearts at the throne of grace.  Last, none of wonders Elijah saw harmed him.  God knows our limits, and His protection is so comprehensive that nothing can penetrate it!

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m just reminding you that God is sovereign.  He has all power and never leaves us alone in our disastrous circumstances.  Remember, you have a friend who cannot be defeated.  And if God is for us, nothing can be against us!