He Heard You …

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard about several family members, or friends of the family, who have died.  My heart goes out to their family and friends; losing a loved one is not easy, especially when it’s unexpected.  We tend to handle tragedy better when we see it coming.  Just think about how many people rush to grocery stores to purchase necessities when they hear about inclement weather.  But, how to you cope when the tragedy comes out of nowhere?  How do you respond when life deals you a hand you didn’t expect?

Mary and Martha encountered a series of unexpected events.  Their brother Lazarus became gravely ill, and if you recall the story, he eventually died.  Just think of all the responses they could have had – panic attacks, frustration, substance abuse, or suicide.  Despite the various alternatives, Mary and Martha chose the best response – they called on Jesus.  And most importantly, John emphasizes one detail: Jesus heard what they said!

This email is just a reminder that heaven’s hotline is never busy, and the circuits are never filled.  There won’t be long distance or international rates applied, and your minutes never expire.  If you call on Jesus, especially in a time of need, He’ll hear you.  Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right!