Gratitude – Appreciate Everything

Last week, four of the top five NCAA Division I men’s basketball teams lost. And what ecstatic celebrations followed! Fans from the opposing teams rushed the court, celebrating like their team had just won the national championship. Their excitement was rooted in gratitude: they were thankful their favorite team won.

It’s natural, and appropriate, to celebrate after great victories. But, imagine how shocking it would have been if fans from the losing team had rushed the court. No one celebrates defeat, misfortune, and pain, right? Not exactly. In the verse included with this email, the psalmist (believed to be David) does. What an uncommon expression of gratitude! The psalmist literally praised God for the rough times in his life. Why? Because he learned more about God.

I guess the saying is true: there is a silver lining in every cloud. Whatever God allows in our lives, we should be grateful, for He never gives us more than we can handle. So, if you’re facing tough times with a frown, then turn it upside down, knowing God is teaching you more about Himself.