Transparency – Open Up

Have you ever felt like sharing something with someone else? I’m not talking about the traditional things we share – good news, our hometown and occupation, or other things that make us happy. The real question is – have you ever wanted to share something personal, painful … something that might make others raise their eyebrows? Isn’t this an uncomfortable place to be? Deep inside, you really want to get something off your chest, but you don’t want the other person to judge or change his or her opinion about you.

We often refrain from “opening up” because we’re more comfortable hiding behind who we think others want us to be. We even fail to open up when we talk to God, praying around the problem as if He’s not omniscient. In the text included with this email, however, David reminds us that it’s OK to be transparent with God. David shares his thoughts about one of the darkest moments in his life (after his sin with Bathsheba), and he didn’t hide any details. He didn’t worry about how God would interpret His words; He just opened up and told God all about it.

And, the good news is God keeps secrets! Are you facing a difficult situation? Do you need someone to share it with? Try God! Your secrets are safe with Him. Better, He can do something about your situation.