The Talent Developer

A few years ago, I randomly decided to improve my basketball skills. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting into. My friend designed several drills, and each one made me tired. And, while I was tired, he made me complete more drills. I didn’t understand. I thought my skills would progress a lot faster if I was fresh for each drill.

My friend knew something that I didn’t: stamina was the key to basketball success. He designed my practice sessions to simulate game-time conditions. In other words, he planned with the end in mind.

Sometimes, God allows circumstances that we don’t understand. They seem hard, unbearable, and even pointless. But, Paul reminds us that everything God allows is to develop us! It may not feel like it in the moment,┬ábut God always has the final product in mind. Our temporary pain leads to lasting improvement.

No matter what you’re facing, remember that God is in control. He’s using your circumstances to develop you. Trust Him, and don’t exit before you’re exalted!