Shift Your Focus

Have you ever been reminded of your past? Do hurtful words, mistakes, or experiences from your past still “haunt” you? Don’t think this is a coincidence, especially if you trust God. One of the weapons Satan uses to hinder our spiritual progress is our past. His timing is often unbelievable. He’ll wait until we’re a few steps from our destiny and then bombard us with reminders of what we used to do.

So, how do we escape his reminders? Just remember something else. In Psalm 103:2, David encourages himself to remember the good things God has done. That’s how we counter Satan’s manipulation of our past. When he reminds you of your past, just shift you focus to what God has done for you!

In Psalm 103 alone, David recalled 14 good things about God. What about you? When you were stressed, He gave you peace of mind. When you messed up, He lovingly restored you. When your enemies said you wouldn’t survive, He proved otherwise. Remember what God has done for you!

And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony (Revelation 12:11, NLT)