Leave It Behind

Have you ever been excited to travel by plane, only to hear these words, “Your bags are too heavy.” This can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you know you need everything you packed. Your first instinct may be to leave your bags in tact, but the extra weight will cost you.

So what about your spiritual journey? When God wants to take us somewhere, can we have too much weight for the journey? Absolutely, and therefore, we must be aware of “baggage” that may cost us later. Paul’s message in the verse cited above shows us what to do if our bags are too heavy to travel with God – leave some things behind. It’s impossible to enjoy the promised land if you’re constantly remembering Egypt.

2012 is a new year, another opportunity to see and experience God’s best. Don’t let anything from 2011, or previous years, hinder your enjoyment of this year. Leave the past behind, for in Christ, all things are new.