The “Enemy’s” Friend

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the untimely death of Travon Martin. This was a tragedy, not just because a teenager died, but also because of public responses to his killer. People have been outspoken, and more precisely, harsh in their remarks about George Zimmerman. Their responses made me think. Who reaches out to help people deemed as “enemies” by society? Who gives hope to people who have harmed others?

Jesus! Paul’s conversion reminded me that Jesus is concerned about everyone’s destiny, including the worst of the worst. Paul, the self-proclaimed chief sinner, met Jesus at the peak of his sinful lifestyle. Jesus did not condemn him to a fiery death; instead, He gave him hope for a brighter future.

I’m glad Jesus will befriend those who society labels as “enemies.” Just think about it. You were once an enemy of God, but Jesus risked His life to turn your’s around. Be thankful that He never gave up on you!

Thought to Consider:
Do you give the same kindness you’ve received from Christ?