How do you respond to momentous occasions in your life? Do you:

  1. Celebrate like it’s the best thing you’ve ever experienced?
  2. Casually acknowledge it as if it should have happened?
  3. Deny it, fearing something bad will happen next?

I like David’s response in the verses included from 2 Samuel 6. He had witnessed the return of the Ark of the LORD, a momentous occasion indeed, and he celebrated like it was the best thing he had experienced. And rightfully so, for he knew God was the source of this occasion.

Whenever God intervenes in our lives, excitement should permeate our response. Whether we’re in church, at work, or among family and friends, we have a right to celebrate. So, the next time God does something for you (which will be soon), show Him your appreciation. CELEBRATE!!!

Thought to Consider:
How do you show God your appreciation?