Just Wait

I’ve often been sought for advice by people on the brink of some type of relationship.  Whether it’s a friendship, romance, or even an employment decision, people often wonder how I determine if a person is worth pursuing.  My answer is usually the same – just wait.  One thing is certain: time will tell the truth about people.

In Luke 6:43-44, Jesus shares why it’s important to wait before entering relationships.  A tree (or person) is known by its fruit (or behavior).  Without fruit on the limbs, confusing different types of trees is easy.  If you wait, however, the differences will be obvious.  Whatever type of fruit the tree produces consistently is a good indicator of the type of tree it is.

How does this relate to entering relationships?  Always wait until you see a consistent pattern of behaviors.  Good and bad people look the same initially, but time will tell the truth.

Thought to Consider:
What kind of fruit are the people you’re closest to producing?