Say “Amen”

When God promises to bless us, we must be on guard for things that hinder our ability to receive.  One of the things we must monitor closely is our mouth.  Our words can cancel, delay, and even redirect our blessings.

Just consider the king of Israel’s officer.  Elisha told him that God was about to reverse their economic hardship.  The feat seemed so unlikely that he said it couldn’t happen.  Because of his words, he couldn’t enjoy the blessing he longingly desired.

If given the chance to talk to the officer, i would tell him what I’m about to tell you.  Instead of canceling your blessing with words that reflect disbelief, just say “Amen,” which means “it is so.”  This word will give God permission to give you the mind-blowing blessings He’s already prepared for you.

Thought to Consider:
When in doubt, just say “Amen!”

Get Ready for Extra

Although the economy may hinder some businesses, one remains unblemished – God’s!  He’s still in the blessing business.

While we may realize this, we often struggle to process how awesome God’s blessings are.  He is not just the God of enough.  He is the God of extra.  No wonder Paul wrote, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20, NLT).

What kind of people does God bless like this?  If we consider Solomon, we can answer this question.  First, He’s not looking for perfect people, for Solomon, like all of us, made his share of mistakes.  He prioritizes people who are persistent.  Solomon’s life is the product of the persistence of David and Bathsheba.  Finally, He blesses people who pray and ask Him for things only He can do.  Solomon asked for wisdom, which James confirms, comes from God (see James 1:5).

This email is just a reminder – God provides overwhelming blessings!  If you’re praying for Him to move, get ready for extra, above and beyond what you asked Him for!  If you haven’t asked for anything lately, then what are you waiting for?  Ask, and watch God provide a mind-blowing blessing for you.

Thought to Consider: God always gives overwhelming blessings!

Trust the Driver

When God gives us a promise, we often respond with excitement.  We even “try on” the promise.  We see ourselves with it and even form an opinion about how we think God will take us there.  Consequently, the moment we experience something different than our expectations, we panic.

The disciples demonstrate our response to unexpected “detours” on our way to God’s promise.  Their promise was “the other side,” and I’m sure they expected smooth sailing.  When an unexpected storm arose, they panicked and found Jesus. Although Jesus responded to their plea, He also rebuked them for their panic.  He wondered how they lost faith when He was on the ship.

If you’re headed to blessings, but temporarily find yourself in unexpected confusion or frustration, don’t panic.  Instead, trust the driver.  If God is leading you, then there’s no chance for failure.  Though it may seem otherwise, you’re on your way to the other side.

Thought to Consider:
Your “then” is so much brighter than your “now”

Headed to Blessings

One of the most convenient modern advancements is the GPS.  This device can help you get somewhere you’ve never been, estimate how long a trip should take, and find the quickest route to a destination.  If this electronic device is so helpful, can you imagine how awesome it would be if God was your GPS?  Where would He take you?  How would the final destination be?

Jeremiah 29:11 suggests that the final destination will not be evil.  It will not be a place of lack, confusion, frustration, sickness, or pain.  It will be a place of blessings.  It will be a place where provisions will be timely and bountiful, attacks against you will not prosper, and every circumstance will work together for your good.

I simply want to remind you of something: if God is leading, then you’re headed to blessings!  No matter how grim your “now,” your “then” will be incredible.  Just keep the faith, and watch Him lead you to a future and a hope.

Thought to Consider:
Where you are is not where you will be

Not Forgotten

The world in which we live seems to be the enemy of those who are not affluent.  Just think about it.  Jobs that can provide financial resources are scare.  Educational opportunities that can qualify people for these jobs are increasingly less affordable.  Even the gas needed to drive to work or school is expensive.  These realities make it easy to be discouraged if you’re not affluent.

Just because the world seems opposed to those who are not affluent does not mean God is.  In Psalm 9, David reminds us that God is very aware of the plight of the less fortunate.  Better, he assures us that God will eventually turn things around for them as well: “… the hope of the poor will not always be crushed” (Psalm 9:18, NLT).

If you fee like you don’t have all of the resources necessary to do all you need to, be encouraged!  You are not forgotten – God is aware of your needs.  It’s simply a matter of time before He opens windows in heave and gives you a blessing you cannot handle!

Thought to Consider:
And this same God who takes care of me will supply all of your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:18, NLT).

Try Him

Have you ever seen an offer that seemed too good to be true?  Maybe it was a diet that promised to give you a model’s figure or a cleaning solution that promised to remove the toughest stains.  If you mustered the courage to try one of these offers, and found that the product didn’t work as promised, then I understand your skepticism.  It’s hard to be optimistic when your experiences suggest otherwise.

Offers that come from God, however, are never too good to be true.  In Malachi 3, God gave the Israelites an offer: “Try me!  He encouraged them to bring tithes to Him to remove the curse they were under.  God was so confident in His ability that He even offered a “money back guarantee”: “I will open the windows of heaven (and) pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in!” (Malachi 3:10).

Just like the Israelites during Malachi’s time, God has invited you to try Him.  He offered to shield and protect you – try Him.  He offered to be with you all the time – try Him.  He offered to give you abundant life – try Him.  Put God to the test, and watch Him do miraculous things in your life!

Thought to Consider:
In what areas of your life can you try God’s promises?

Trusting God’s Promises

Each New Year, people develop resolutions, or goals they hope to achieve.  Some of the most popular resolutions include personal growth, professional advancement, better financial stewardship, and better health and wellness.  What if trusting God’s promises topped your list of resolutions?  If the promise Jesus introduces in Matthew 7:7-8 was among those you embraced this year, then your life would be unbelievably miraculous!

In these verses, Jesus gives His people an invitation to take Him at His word.  He says, “Whatever you ask for, you will receive.”  He suggests that if we need something, we don’t have to manufacture it.  All we have to do is humble ourselves and ask Him for it.  And, the good news is, He’ll do it for us!

This year, I encourage you to trust this promise: if you ask God for it, believing God can, then He will do it!  Moses asked God to see His glory (Exodus 33:18), and He saw it.  Joshua asked God to keep the sun up (Joshua 10:12), and He did it.  Peter asked Jesus for permission to walk on water (Matthew 14:28), and He granted it.  What will you request?  Whatever it is, just remember that nothing is too hard for God!

Thought to Consider:
God is not a man, so he does not lie.  He is not human, so he does not change his mind.  Has he ever spoken and failed to act?  Has he ever promised and not carried it through? (Numbers 23:19, NLT)