Headed to Blessings

One of the most convenient modern advancements is the GPS.  This device can help you get somewhere you’ve never been, estimate how long a trip should take, and find the quickest route to a destination.  If this electronic device is so helpful, can you imagine how awesome it would be if God was your GPS?  Where would He take you?  How would the final destination be?

Jeremiah 29:11 suggests that the final destination will not be evil.  It will not be a place of lack, confusion, frustration, sickness, or pain.  It will be a place of blessings.  It will be a place where provisions will be timely and bountiful, attacks against you will not prosper, and every circumstance will work together for your good.

I simply want to remind you of something: if God is leading, then you’re headed to blessings!  No matter how grim your “now,” your “then” will be incredible.  Just keep the faith, and watch Him lead you to a future and a hope.

Thought to Consider:
Where you are is not where you will be