Trust the Driver

When God gives us a promise, we often respond with excitement.  We even “try on” the promise.  We see ourselves with it and even form an opinion about how we think God will take us there.  Consequently, the moment we experience something different than our expectations, we panic.

The disciples demonstrate our response to unexpected “detours” on our way to God’s promise.  Their promise was “the other side,” and I’m sure they expected smooth sailing.  When an unexpected storm arose, they panicked and found Jesus. Although Jesus responded to their plea, He also rebuked them for their panic.  He wondered how they lost faith when He was on the ship.

If you’re headed to blessings, but temporarily find yourself in unexpected confusion or frustration, don’t panic.  Instead, trust the driver.  If God is leading you, then there’s no chance for failure.  Though it may seem otherwise, you’re on your way to the other side.

Thought to Consider:
Your “then” is so much brighter than your “now”