Good vs. Good

In the verse cited above, Joshua compels the Israelites to make a choice.  The options are clear – choose the Lord, or choose something different.  Looking at the conclusion of his statement, the choice for Joshua was clear – he and his family would serve the Lord.

This verse features a classic decision – choosing between right and wrong.  I’ve discovered, however, that the choices we face are often more complex.  It’s not simply right versus wrong; sometimes, it’s good versus good.  What do you do when faced with this kind of choice?  How do you decide between two competitive job offers?  How do you choose between several great educational opportunities?

I’ve been asked this question a lot recently, and my answer is simple: choose the option that yields the greatest long-term benefit.  That’s what Joshua did in the verse cited above.  He realized that choosing something other than God would lead to short-lived, if any, success.  None of the other options offered greater long-term benefit than serving the Lord!

If you’re facing two good choices, I challenge to you choose the option that yields the greatest long-term benefit.  Think about who you are and where you’re headed, long-term.  Then, choose the option that gets you closest to where you’re headed.

Thought to Consider:
Here are some questions to consider as you determine which decision is the best between two good options:

  1. Who are you?  Which opportunity aligns best with who you are?
  2. Where are you ultimately trying to go?  Which opportunity will get you closer to your destiny?
  3. Which option is God leading you to take?
  4. Which option will you regret most if you don’t take it?