Faith is the key

A friend and I basked in Michael Jordan’s glory last night.  We both appreciate his contributions to professional basketball, but we found the launch of his “Air Jordan” shoes more impressive.  Did you know that “Air Jordans” weren’t best-sellers initially?  In fact, they received horrible reviews – the NBA banned them as a violation of the dress code policy, and sales were so poor, that Nike often sold them for $20 a pair.  In spite of the rough start, however, Nike continued marketing and selling the shoe.  They had faith in their product, and today, the Jordan Brand is one of the most successful shoe enterprises in the world!

Faith helps us look beyond today’s disappointments to see tomorrow’s destiny.  Faith is the ribbon weaved into David’s statement above.  In spite of his wearied soul, eager enemies, and fear-invoking surroundings, David asserts that he’d enjoy GOD’S goodness and love.  What an expression of faith!

Martin Luther King, Jr said, ” Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  Faith is also our key to pleasing GOD (see Hebrews 11:6).  I think Bishop Joseph Walker offers a fitting conclusion to this recharge; he said, “Feed your faith; starve your doubts.”  Take heed, and watch GOD work!

Walk, with the end in mind …