Practice what is preached

One of my fondest high school memories is driver’s education; the class was one of few things I’d stay after school for.  It was an exciting experience – the teacher was inspirational and many of my friends were in the class.  While I enjoyed the teacher and my friends, I’m most thankful for the opportunity to drive the car.  Driver’s education class had a simple mandate – we had to practice what we learned.

Moses presents the same mandate in the text cited above.  He prefaced his sermon on the commandments with a challenge to obey them.  In other words, Moses said, “Don’t just listen; rather, live GOD’S WORD.”

This recharge is a friendly reminder: “don’t just listen to GOD’S WORD. You must do what it says …” (James 1:22, New Living Translation).  Remember – it’s your walk, not your words, that makes CHRIST irresistible to others.

Walk in the WORD…