HE’LL bail you out!

I saw an interesting segment on a local news broadcast last week.  Two retirees shared their concerns and frustrations about the recent economic crisis.  They wondered if their fixed income would last in such an unpredictable economy.  Their concerns reveal the secret sentiments of many Americans.  We’re searching for a bail out, some way to continue making ends meet.

Peter was in a similar situation in Matthew 17: he owed some money – the yearly temple tax – and was bankrupt.  Before he could panic or apply for a part-time job, JESUS bailed him out.  JESUS didn’t check Peter’s credit score or impose some ridiculous interest rate; rather, HE made it easy for him.  HE put the loan in a fish’s mouth, and Peter, a fisherman by trade, caught the fish.  And what a bail out it was – the loan was more than enough!  The money Peter found in the fish’s mouth was enough to pay his debt and JESUS’!

I’m so glad that JESUS is not restricted to the financial realm.  When we couldn’t pay our sin debt, CHRIST came to the rescue.  I’m thankful to serve, and endorse, a GOD who can bail me out!

This message is sponsored by the Kingdom Citizens Party.