HE has a job for you!

One of the adverse effects of economic hardships is rising unemployment rates.  Businesses generally cut expenses when profits shrink, and, unfortunately, employees are the greatest expense.  This year, numerous people have lost jobs that once seemed so secure.  Worse, finding another job isn’t easy.  With more companies seeking cheap labor abroad, it’s hard to find any domestic opportunities.

In this text, however, Peter and Andrew met the great employer, JESUS CHRIST, who always has openings!  Peter and Andrew immediately pursued the employment opportunity, and I can’t blame them.  It was an opportunity too compelling to resist!  First, they didn’t have to worry about a background check: JESUS knew their imperfections and still offered them a job.  JESUS also guaranteed training, for HE vowed to show them how to fish for people.  Finally, the benefits package was incredible.  Not only would HE supply their needs (competitive salary), but HE’D also provide an awesome retirement plan – eternal bliss in heaven!

I’m so glad that JESUS still offers jobs today.  The job announcement posted in Matthew 28 is still open: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations …” (Matthew 28:19, New Living Translation).  Will you accept the offer?

This message is sponsored by the Kingdom Citizens Party.