HIS insurance is affordable!

Affordable health care was a hot topic during the presidential debates.  I personally know how expensive medical services can be, for I had an appendectomy in 2007.  Medical services are so expensive that many people pray for good health!  And these people have insurance.  Imagine how stressful it is for people who can’t afford insurance.

In John 10, JESUS reveals the best insurance plan I’ve ever seen.  Though the thief (Satan) seeks our demise, JESUS’ blood offers comprehensive coverage.  Even better, this insurance is accessible and affordable.  Anyone can acquire JESUS’ insurance plan, for Paul reminds us that “… everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved” (Romans 10:13, New Living Translation).  And this insurance is entirely affordable; it’s free because JESUS paid the premium and co-pay at Calvary!

Best of all, you can file a claim anytime.  When Satan meddles in your affairs, JESUS is just one prayer away, 24 hours a day!  Truly, you’re in good hands with JESUS on your side!

This ad is sponsored by the Kingdom Citizens Party.