HE gives FREE education!

If you had to attend college now, could you afford it?  Given your current expenses and preferred lifestyle, could you add a tuition and fees line item to your budget?  Sadly, many college students entertain this question each semester.  They wonder if their part-time income will be enough to cover rent (housing expenses), food, clothing, and their college expenses.  And asking for a loan or applying for financial aid may be out of the question.  Given our economy, who’d take a risk on someone who’s already stretched to the limit?

Thankfully, the University of Heaven is accredited, accessible, and affordable!  In this text, James reminds us how inexpensive our Christian degree really is – it’s free for every applicant!  We don’t have to submit SAT scores, complete lengthy application packets, or apply for financial aid.  GOD, the generous and great teacher, will instruct everyone who asks, free of charge!  Now that’s affordable education, if I’ve ever seen it!

The good news is that the University of Heaven doesn’t cap admissions; all applicants can be accepted!  Inquire today, and discover how wonderful the master teacher, JESUS CHRIST, really is!

This email is sponsored by the Kingdom Citizens Part :: JESUS 4 President, 2008