HE’LL fight for you!

One of the hottest topics for the presidential candidates is the war on terror.  For several years, the US Military has been active in the Middle East, and unfortunately, things haven’t improved.  More soldiers have died, more money has been spent, and more military families are distressed.  Worse, the war on terror probably won’t end soon.

But when you’re on the LORD’S side, you won’t have to fight!  In the verses cited above, Moses and the Israelites were in the fight of their lives.  They were trapped between a rock and a hard place – the Red Sea in front of them and a terrorist (Pharaoh) pursuing them.  But before they could devise a strategy or invent weapons of mass destruction, GOD came to the rescue.  HE vowed to fight for them, and HE did.  Later in Exodus 14, Moses wrote, “… the LORD rescued Israel from the hand of the Egyptians that day” (Exodus 14:30, New Living Translation).

I’m glad to serve a GOD who says, “… I will take revenge; I will pay them back …” (Romans 12:19, New Living Translation).  So when Satan, the great terrorist, shows up in your life, wait for GOD to drive him back!  HE will fight for you!

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