HIS Secret Service is awesome!

As Senator Obama transitions into the presidency, he’ll need to select his staff.  This morning, I heard he already selected his Chief of Staff.  One decision he’ll soon entertain is who will comprise his Secret Service.  If he selects this staff, I’m sure he’ll opt for courageous, not cowardly, individuals.  I’m sure he’ll select people who prioritize his safety and are willing to sacrifice their lives to preserve his.

As he finalizes his decision, Senator Obama ought to pattern his Secret Service after JESUS’!  JESUS’ Secret Service is so awesome, that even HIS enemies knew about them.  In this text, Satan shares his insight on JESUS’ Secret Service, and he baits JESUS to put them to the test.  JESUS was wise enough not to accept Satan’s tempting invitation, but just consider how awesome HIS Secret Service really is.  JESUS has angels at HIS disposal, and they’ll assist HIM whenever needed.  That’s why HE told Peter, “Don’t you realize that I could ask my Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and he would send them instantly?” (Matthew 26:53, New Living Translation).

I’m so glad that JESUS isn’t selfish with HIS Secret Service.  Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and even Peter can attest that JESUS will send HIS angels to protect us, too.  No wonder David wrote, “For the angel of the LORD is a guard; he surrounds and defends all who fear him” (Psalm 34:7, New Living Translation).

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HE’LL cause the change we need!

First, I commend Senator Barack Obama for completing a historic, victorious presidential campaign.  Senator Obama gave Americans several reasons to elect him – his charisma, competence, compassion, and confidence are just a few.  I think the most compelling incentive was his vision for this country.  Obama reinstated hope, and he convinced Americans that he’d provide the change we need.

If anyone can give us hope for change, then it’s JESUS, the master of change!  As a matter of fact, change was the heart of HIS campaign speech: “The SPIRIT of the LORD is upon me, for HE has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.  HE has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free” (Luke 4:18, New Living Translation).  In this text, Paul reminds us that JESUS is the source of change.  If we yield to HIS plea and accept the salvation invitation, then HE’LL change us.  We can expect a bright future with CHRIST in our hearts: the old life is gone; a new life has begun!

I’m a witness that CHRIST can change you.  I can look over my life and agree with Walter Hawkins, “I’m not the same … ev’rything has changed because of CHRIST.”  JESUS will cause the change you need; try HIM and see for yourself!

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HE has a home for you!

One of the great tragedies of 2008 was the unprecedented rise in foreclosures.  Every week, news anchors and columnists shared the disheartening statistics.  Just imagine how painful it must be to leave a home where you’ve created so many memories.  Worse, imagine trying to resume life after foreclosure.  How do you survive in an unstable economy if you have poor credit?

Aren’t you glad that JESUS has a home for us that’s immune to foreclosure?  That’s the reminder embedded in the verses cited above – we have a heavenly home exempt from foreclosure!  There are at least two grounds for celebration in these verses.  First, a lot of people can live there, for JESUS said there’s more than enough room in HIS FATHER’S house.  Second, the application process is very simple.  All we have to do is accept HIM as our SAVIOR – no loan application, safety inspections, closing costs, or homeowners fees required!

The best news is that this is the best home ever built.  John beheld it’s beauty and said, “It shone with the glory of God and sparkled like a precious stone-like jasper as clear as crystal” (Revelation 21:11, New Living Translation).  Wow, what a home!  I look forward to being your neighbor in heaven!

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PS.  Don’t forget to vote, if you haven’t already.

HE won’t change!

The home stretch of a political race can be very exciting.  Candidates and their volunteers focus their speeches and campaign materials on hot topics, and their words can be electrifying.  They promise the change we need – tax cuts, more jobs, better education – and secure our hope in a brighter future.  But some candidates forget their vows when they’re inaugurated.  Some abandon their soul-stirring platforms to pursue private interests or accumulate wealth for their future security.

One thing separates JESUS from the rest of the pack – HE won’t change!  The verse cited above reminds us of JESUS’ permanence: HE’S always the same.  Yesterday HE was powerful, today HE has power, and tomorrow HE’LL be power-filled.  HE’S not fickle; HE’S faithful.  No wonder HE proclaimed, “I am the LORD, and I do not change” (Malachi 3:6, New Living Translation).

I’m glad to serve a GOD who’s permanently awesome.  The same promises HE gave in the Old and New Testaments are still valid today.  Thank GOD for HIS unchanging, unmerited favor!

HE’LL fight for you!

One of the hottest topics for the presidential candidates is the war on terror.  For several years, the US Military has been active in the Middle East, and unfortunately, things haven’t improved.  More soldiers have died, more money has been spent, and more military families are distressed.  Worse, the war on terror probably won’t end soon.

But when you’re on the LORD’S side, you won’t have to fight!  In the verses cited above, Moses and the Israelites were in the fight of their lives.  They were trapped between a rock and a hard place – the Red Sea in front of them and a terrorist (Pharaoh) pursuing them.  But before they could devise a strategy or invent weapons of mass destruction, GOD came to the rescue.  HE vowed to fight for them, and HE did.  Later in Exodus 14, Moses wrote, “… the LORD rescued Israel from the hand of the Egyptians that day” (Exodus 14:30, New Living Translation).

I’m glad to serve a GOD who says, “… I will take revenge; I will pay them back …” (Romans 12:19, New Living Translation).  So when Satan, the great terrorist, shows up in your life, wait for GOD to drive him back!  HE will fight for you!

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HE gives FREE education!

If you had to attend college now, could you afford it?  Given your current expenses and preferred lifestyle, could you add a tuition and fees line item to your budget?  Sadly, many college students entertain this question each semester.  They wonder if their part-time income will be enough to cover rent (housing expenses), food, clothing, and their college expenses.  And asking for a loan or applying for financial aid may be out of the question.  Given our economy, who’d take a risk on someone who’s already stretched to the limit?

Thankfully, the University of Heaven is accredited, accessible, and affordable!  In this text, James reminds us how inexpensive our Christian degree really is – it’s free for every applicant!  We don’t have to submit SAT scores, complete lengthy application packets, or apply for financial aid.  GOD, the generous and great teacher, will instruct everyone who asks, free of charge!  Now that’s affordable education, if I’ve ever seen it!

The good news is that the University of Heaven doesn’t cap admissions; all applicants can be accepted!  Inquire today, and discover how wonderful the master teacher, JESUS CHRIST, really is!

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HIS insurance is affordable!

Affordable health care was a hot topic during the presidential debates.  I personally know how expensive medical services can be, for I had an appendectomy in 2007.  Medical services are so expensive that many people pray for good health!  And these people have insurance.  Imagine how stressful it is for people who can’t afford insurance.

In John 10, JESUS reveals the best insurance plan I’ve ever seen.  Though the thief (Satan) seeks our demise, JESUS’ blood offers comprehensive coverage.  Even better, this insurance is accessible and affordable.  Anyone can acquire JESUS’ insurance plan, for Paul reminds us that “… everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved” (Romans 10:13, New Living Translation).  And this insurance is entirely affordable; it’s free because JESUS paid the premium and co-pay at Calvary!

Best of all, you can file a claim anytime.  When Satan meddles in your affairs, JESUS is just one prayer away, 24 hours a day!  Truly, you’re in good hands with JESUS on your side!

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HE has a job for you!

One of the adverse effects of economic hardships is rising unemployment rates.  Businesses generally cut expenses when profits shrink, and, unfortunately, employees are the greatest expense.  This year, numerous people have lost jobs that once seemed so secure.  Worse, finding another job isn’t easy.  With more companies seeking cheap labor abroad, it’s hard to find any domestic opportunities.

In this text, however, Peter and Andrew met the great employer, JESUS CHRIST, who always has openings!  Peter and Andrew immediately pursued the employment opportunity, and I can’t blame them.  It was an opportunity too compelling to resist!  First, they didn’t have to worry about a background check: JESUS knew their imperfections and still offered them a job.  JESUS also guaranteed training, for HE vowed to show them how to fish for people.  Finally, the benefits package was incredible.  Not only would HE supply their needs (competitive salary), but HE’D also provide an awesome retirement plan – eternal bliss in heaven!

I’m so glad that JESUS still offers jobs today.  The job announcement posted in Matthew 28 is still open: “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations …” (Matthew 28:19, New Living Translation).  Will you accept the offer?

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HE’LL bail you out!

I saw an interesting segment on a local news broadcast last week.  Two retirees shared their concerns and frustrations about the recent economic crisis.  They wondered if their fixed income would last in such an unpredictable economy.  Their concerns reveal the secret sentiments of many Americans.  We’re searching for a bail out, some way to continue making ends meet.

Peter was in a similar situation in Matthew 17: he owed some money – the yearly temple tax – and was bankrupt.  Before he could panic or apply for a part-time job, JESUS bailed him out.  JESUS didn’t check Peter’s credit score or impose some ridiculous interest rate; rather, HE made it easy for him.  HE put the loan in a fish’s mouth, and Peter, a fisherman by trade, caught the fish.  And what a bail out it was – the loan was more than enough!  The money Peter found in the fish’s mouth was enough to pay his debt and JESUS’!

I’m so glad that JESUS is not restricted to the financial realm.  When we couldn’t pay our sin debt, CHRIST came to the rescue.  I’m thankful to serve, and endorse, a GOD who can bail me out!

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