The Unnatural Response

If given a chance to interview Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., my first question would be, “How did you do it?” He chose a nonviolent strategy, even though he had grounds to be aggressive. He was stabbed, threatened, imprisoned, and spat upon, yet he didn’t seek revenge.

What makes people “turn the other cheek,” especially when they have a good reason to retaliate? Let’s ask David. Saul tried to kill him, but he didn’t fight back. If David killed Goliath with a slingshot and stone, just imagine what he could have done with Saul’s spear. Yet, he didn’t fight back. How? David let the Spirit lead.

Retaliation may seem logical at times, but it never settles the score. In fact, it only secures a rematch, for we reap what we sow. My prayer for you is that you’ll let the Spirit lead you to the unnatural response. When you’re provoked to retaliate, let God give you peace in the heat of the moment.

Thought to Consider:
Am I a peace maker or a peace breaker?