It’s Your Time

If you’ve seen the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel, then you may recall this scene.  Superman and his earthly family were stuck in a traffic jam because of an incoming tornado.  As people were rushing to safety, someone left his or her dog behind.  Superman’s dad rescued the dog, but he got trapped in the vehicle.  As Superman prepared to save the day, his dad discouraged him, as if to say the time to reveal his power had not arrived.  Needless to say, Superman was frustrated, because he knew he had the power to make a difference.

Sometimes we feel like Superman.  We know we’re gifted, but something seems to hinder us from releasing our full potential.  In the verse cited above, however, Jesus assures us that our time will come.  The Scripture to which Jesus was referring (see Luke 4:18-19) had been declared many years earlier.  But, in the moment the passage featured with this email occurred, Jesus’ words are certain: now is the time!

I want to encourage you – now, it’s your time.  Now is the time for you to manifest all of the gifts, dreams, and ideas that God has given to you.  Use what God has given you to make a difference in the world.  It’s your time!

Thought to Consider:
Are you ready to be all that God wants you to be?