You’re Ready!

One of my favorite sayings is as follows: opportunities of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.  While we desire to seize every golden opportunity, often, the opposite is true.  When presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, we tend to convince ourselves that we’re unworthy, unqualified, or unready.  When these opportunities have been decreed by God, our hesitation can have destiny-altering consequences.

Contrary to our self-defeating thoughts, God embraces our potential when providing great opportunities.  Just think about all of the people He used in the Bible, including His twelve disciples mentioned in this excerpt from Mark.  None of them were “ready,” per se, for the task He revealed.  Most, in fact, had no formal training in the task He called them to.  Still, He called them, because they had the potential to be all that He desired.

If you’re at the crossroads of an awesome opportunity with God, let me encourage you: you’re ready!  God doesn’t look for perfect people; He looks for people with the potential to be transformed while He uses them.  If you’re not all that you think you should be, then you have left just enough room for God to be all that He is through you.  You’re ready!

Thought to Consider:
God is too wise to make a mistake.  If He’s calling you, then He already knows you will succeed!